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Specialists in sports nutrition and supplements

We are people like you, normal people who like athletics and sports in general, whether professionally or as an amateur. Many of us who work at AMF have had childhoods focused on sports such as swimming, baseball, basketball, boxing, cycling, etc. Thanks to our parents or relatives who have managed to instill in us that spirit of effort and sacrifice.

AMF was created with the main objective of offering its customers quality sports supplementation. Being our objective not only to cover the needs of high performance athletes before, during and after training or competition, but also to anyone who seeks to improve their lifestyle.

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We try to have an approach to our customers both in our online store and in our physical store in Barcelona and explain in a more open, simple way and without so many technicalities the wide range of supplementation products that we put at your disposal.

The objective of AMF is to promote well-being and health through proper nutrition and physical activity.

AMF stands out for its great variety of both European and American products, with this we ensure that the customer can always choose the product that best suits their needs.
We are committed to offering total transparency and quality in all our products and services, and guaranteeing that they are 100% authentic, acquired from the best laboratories worldwide.

Nos comprometemos a ofrecer una total transparencia y calidad en todos nuestros productos y servicios, y garantizar que estos son 100% auténticos adquiridos de los mejores laboratorios a nivel mundial.

We want to give you a good experience when making your purchase with us without having to register and having the assurance that your credit card and personal information will remain 100% private and secure
We use 100% recycled paper, just like our shipping boxes use 70% recycled paper. Our bubble packaging is 50% recycled and our company recycles all packaging material received by manufacturers.
We put our effort into giving our customers the best price on all our products both in our physical store in Barcelona and in our online store for all Spain.

Placing an order at AMF is betting on an ecological purchase.